Projected Start and End Date:
Wednesday, January 18th thru Wednesday, February 22nd

Adults, 18 to 30 years of age, are invited to participate in an online 2-Session Study with a Researcher using a secure University connection and Zoom teleconference link. Each session will be about 45 - 60 minutes in duration and occur on different days. You can sign up for the first session below. The second session can be scheduled at the end of your first session. Both sessions must occur within 14 days or less of each other. Please, ONLY sign up if you have the ability to attend two separate online sessions within 14 days or less of each other.

Study Name and Description:
In this study, participants will be asked to remember colored squares and sounds presented together or separately. When a single colored square or tone is presented, participants must determine if it’s same or different from the ones that were just seen or heard. A puzzle task or a number recall task will be administered at the end of each session.

NOTE: Participants may only participate in this 2-session online memory game one time.

The following are required in order to participate:
A stable Internet connection; a desktop or laptop computer with webcam and audio capabilities. Please use an audio system (over-the-ear headphones; earbuds; integrated speaker system; external speaker system) that provides you with the best sound quality and can be adjusted for volume.

NOTE: This study cannot be completed on a cell phone, tablet or iPad due to program requirements.

How Signing Up Works:
• Pick a time slot below that works for you.
• Tell us a little about yourself on the booking form.
• Click “Confirm Booking” and receive an appointment confirmation via email that you can add to your calendar.
• Another confirmation will follow within minutes providing you with all of the information that you need in one convenient place including how you can prepare for your online session as well as the Zoom URL for connecting with us online at your scheduled time.
• Please complete the Adult Consent and Demographic Form PRIOR to your online session.
• Use the ZOOM link provided in your confirmation email to connect with us at your scheduled time.

Purpose of the Study:
To determine how age and developmental stage affects ability to remember and recall visual and auditory information.

$15.00 for each session provided via Venmo or PayPal OR we can send via standard mail to your residence.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Adults 18 to 30 years of age.
• Must have normal or corrected-to-normal vision (glasses; contacts) including normal color vision meaning the ability to distinguish shades and tint of color
• Must have normal or corrected-to-normal hearing (aid; implant)
• Must be fluent in the English language
• Must have the ability to attend to or respond to repetitive irregular sounds and/or flashing items without experiencing adverse side effects

Who will be administering the study?
Bret with The Working Memory Lab Research Team

Study Location:
Online via a ZOOM video conference link and secure University connection.

Make An Appointment!
Click on any BLUE outlined start time to schedule Session 1. Click on the angle brackets in the upper right of the calendar to navigate to a previous week or upcoming week OR you can click on the calendar icon to skip directly to a date that you know you’re available. Also, if you’re located in another time zone within the United States, you can click on the time zone option in the upper left of the calendar to view the calendar based on your particular time zone so there’s no confusion and you know just when to sign into Zoom without converting time zones. We’ll schedule Session 2 at the end of your first online session.

If No Times are Available:
If days and times are shaded and/or the words, “No Availability” appear in a box over the week you’re interested in scheduling, those times are booked or we have met the participant number required for this study. However, please revisit the study link because often times the dates of the study are extended and reopened for sign-up if additional participants are needed.

Where to Find Future Study Announcements:
If you didn’t get to participate this time, we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year. Please visit the webpage of Lab Director and Principal Investigator, Nelson Cowan, for current participation opportunities.

Need additional assistance with scheduling or require additional information?
Please contact Bret Glass, MU Working Memory Lab Coordinator, at

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